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Both and net and others including are the subject of a law suit, and have been since the fall of 2016, where these domains, have been pirated and stolen from us, and where I being the rightful owner of these domains and further I being the originator of these domains, used for a business endeavor since 2001, and which they are noted in that suit, and where these domains referred to in this suit, have been stolen or misappropriated and embezzled from me by namecheap, and with these acts being in conjunction with dropcatch and Hugedomains as co-conspirators, and causing these domains to appear in their current illegal contention. It has been made aware to all involved, including the original nameserver or the so called register, that anyone subsequently becoming involved with these domains may be subject to certain remedies for any violations that have or may occurred, and that we in no way made or wanted to make these Domains available for transfer to anyone, and further had paid for their continued registration as our property, and in respect to our position, we did not in anyway willfully make them available to the public for sale or transfer. and have been reclaimed as of February 2018 in a none correct state, were for their viably regarding any sale and their presumed stability for that sale in the future if such factors for such sale or required, does not reflect the correct creation date, but is still a subject in a suit for damages.


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