Both and others are the subject of a law suit, where as these domains, have been pirated from us being the rightful owners, stolen or misappropriated by namecheap and in conjunction with dropcatch and Hugedomains and in current legal contention. It has been made aware to all ,including, the original nameserver and anyone subsequently becoming involved, that we in no way did or wanted to or make these Domains available to, and then be made public. That they, by no fault of ours, where kept from re-subscribing to and or legally renewing these domains, which have been ours since 2001. Anyone subject to and or transferring or being involved with, or in any transfer of any or part of these domains may have to relinquish them back to us the rightful owners and suffer any loss by them, until such court action is finalized and which has been currently undertaken, no action on this or these matters is authorized by us. An Icann complaint has also been filed, showing we are and should be the proper owners.

There are powers that their only function is to abscond with and steel and or hold hostage your legal efforts and assets for illicit purposes. It is obvious that no one is safe and secure in what they have done or want, regardless being a small Mom and Pop operation or an amazon type organization.

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