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Slingfantasyâ„¢ originally began in August 2002 after it had been establish in 2001 as a product support and meeting site engaged in the selling of a proprietary product on MSN groups, and then later made a .com in 2002 with Prowebspace. Later in 2006/7 was developed and held to keep from any encroachments on the .com identity, then later in 2012/13 it as made publicly visible as a backup website and a site used for testing new scripts and making changes to the main database without making any possible errors seen publicly with that database on the main .com site. In 2016 when for some reason the password to the account became corrupted or changed by someone not authorized to do so, and we no longer had access to the main accounts for the maintenance of these domains which caused them to be stolen and taken illegally from us, as well as illegally interfering with my business. In January and then February of 2018, we finally regained two of our domains, our main server identity and from one of the perpetrators involved and we are still fighting for the .com's return.